Brochure for training in 2020

Core Value - Embrace Difference, Embrace Innovation! 

Innovation requires embracing difference - be it between different national or company cultures, startups and corporates, or even, for example, academic fields of study - understanding variations in thinking matters! 

Managing difference requires a high degree of awareness - awareness of self and the other.  Achieving this is a task that takes time and reflection. Experiencing the difference, via a simulation, creates steps towards understanding.

Luxury Product 

We create action-based experience learning environments, where personal intercultural communication and interaction skill can be practiced. Together with us, international talent from China , for example, can practice what it feels like to begin work in a Finnish startup where there is very low hierarchy and expectation of high initiative (entrepreneur-style independence). Or, the other way around! What does it feel like to transition from a quite data-, and task-based environment (Finland) to a more social, relationship-based Chinese environment? We create a setting, and bring in live actors playing different roles for you to interact with - in a psychologically safe setting, with expert guidance. Some examples of training settings in Finland are: Startup Office, Forest Trek, Corporate boardroom.

Luxury Product x Sustainability Training (2021)
2021 Upcoming Podcast on sustainable finance, with extended opportunities for "learning together" under study

Did you know that investors are going "back to school" to learn about climate change? According to FT's Moral Money summer 2021 newsletter they are! Join founder Päivi Kuusela as she interviews investors about how they see the social imaginary, or moral horizon, changing globally towards increased sustainability. The operational principle of the podcast is learning together, with a motto "Because we are all students when it comes to climate change".  This is both the media side project of the founder's Politics, Media and Communication MA degree programme at the University of Helsinki and company R&D. 

The picture below is from Slush Shanghai 2017, where a key theme was "Embrace the Different."