Core Service - Embrace Difference, Embrace Innovation! 

We build bridges between difference. This is an intersection with a high probability for innovation to take place! Innovation requires the facilitation of difference - be it between different company cultures (startups and corporates for example), fields of study, personal cultures, national cultures.  

Understanding difference requires a high degree of awareness - awareness of self and the other.  Achieving this is a task that takes time and reflection. Experiencing the difference, via a simulation, creates a high degree of understanding.

We create action-based experience learning environments, where skill can be practiced. Together with live actors, international talent from for example China can practice what it feels like to begin work in a Finnish startup where there is very low hierarchy and expectation of high initiative (entrepreneur-style independence).

Simulated, "no fear, no failure" situations and scenarios mimicking real life offer the client the possibility to practice cultural transition skills in psychologically safe settings, under expert guidance, before stepping out into the real world. 

Some examples of the live simulation settings are: Chinese banquet hall or teahouse, Finnish Cottage (with Sauna), Startup Office

Our working languages are Finnish, English and Mandarin Chinese. 

The picture below is from Slush Shanghai 2017, where a key theme was "Embrace the Different" 



Other Services 

Together with our extensive networks, we offer a diverse package of localization services - for both the Nordics and for the Chinese speaking world. For all of the services, our working languages are Finnish-English-Mandarin Chinese.

  • Translation 
  • Language Training 
  • Business Culture Training 
  • Consultancy & Problem-solving
  • Networking & Partnership Management