Core Value - Embrace Difference, Embrace Innovation! 

UPCOMING 2023 - New "green transition innovation" simulation settings for successful diversity management 

Innovation requires embracing difference - be it between different national or company cultures, startups and corporates, or even, for example, academic fields of study - understanding variations in thinking matters! We believe this, alongside empathy, is a key skill of the future - at the forefront of navigating the green transition. 

Managing difference requires a high degree of awareness - awareness of self and the other.  Achieving this is a task that takes time and reflection. Experiencing the difference, via a simulation, creates steps towards understanding.

Simulations and Action-based Learning 

We create action-based experience learning environments, where personal intercultural communication and interaction skill can be practiced. Together with us, international talent from China , for example, can practice what it feels like to begin work in a Finnish startup where there is very low hierarchy and expectation of high initiative (entrepreneur-style independence). Or, the other way around! What does it feel like to transition from a quiet data-, and task-based environment (Finland) to a more social, relationship-based Chinese environment? We create a setting, and bring in live actors playing different roles for you to interact with - in a psychologically safe setting, with expert guidance. Some examples of training settings in Finland are: Startup Office, Forest Trek, Corporate boardroom.

The picture below is from Slush Shanghai 2017, where a key theme was "Embrace the Different."