3stones Consulting think tank sessions are launching soon!  These serve our new mission:  Creating a culture of "Learning Together" ( 一起学习) about sustainability and transition towards green.

Our specialisation, in addition to building relationality across diversity, is in contradiction management. This is a tool for navigating complexity. An experimental mindset is key! Relationality and strategic insight can be seen to be two sides of the same coin.


TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE Strategy sessions over tea (podcast, non-profit sessions). Supporting businesses in aligning people, planet and profit.

TRAINING We can help by providing training in contradiction management perspective. It is from this approach that we also view the work of building roadmaps for businesses to navigate global political economic tensions on behalf of sustainability.

EDTECH For facilitating connection and insight on behalf of sustainability 


The Art of Cross-Cultural Relationships - at the core of the company

Knowledge can be studied, but skill must be acquired. And true skill is only learned via practice! We provide experience-based live training via which personal cross-cultural communication & management skills can be practiced in a psychologically safe setting - before stepping out into the real world. For both Nordic to China and China to Nordic transitions! In practical terms, are you transitioning from

-a high hierarchy context (China) or a low hierarchy context (Nordics)? 

-direct communication setting (Nordics) or indirect (China)?

- a more data-centered individualist culture or more relationship-centered collectivist culture?

How to understand other ways of communicating and doing things, and modify one's own "comfort zone" preferences? It is possible. As a first step, it is essential to map your unique personal cultural preferences and styles. Let's meet for tea and take the first step, planning a tailored personal-level program for you (planning meeting without cost). 

Our "context-based" training experiences can be produced at, for example, a lake-side cottage, startup office, teahouse or boardroom! Would you like a simulated startup interview? Insight into how to navigate some boardroom drama? Intrigue at the legal office? Guidance through a tricky management scenario where two management styles collide? We bring in live actors, create a tailored setting for experiencing different communication and management styles... and guide you through strategic options - tailored for you. Luxurious historical contexts are possible as well - for example Finnish President Kekkonen's sauna experience for guests.

(FIN) Ihmissuhteiden Taito 

Tieto ja taito hankitaan eri tavalla. Taito luodaan harjoituksen kautta.  Me tarjoamme turvallisen alustan näille harjoituksille!

Kulttuurisensitiiviset viestinnän ja johtamisen taidot ovat henkilökohtaisia taitoja, joita opitaan "tekemällä oppien". Kauttamme näitä taitoja voi harjoitella turvallisesti ja elämyksellisesti (live simulointi), jotta kalliita reaali-elämän kulttuurienvälisiä väärinkäsityksiä voitaisiin ennalta-ehkäistä mahdollisimman tehokkaasti. Jokainen tämänkaltainen kulttuuri koulutus räätälöidään. Ensi askel, alkukartoitus, on maksuton.