Pictured: presenting the Edutech concept as part of Business Finland delegation (2018). We are soon coming out of R&D mode.  

in addition to the edutech spinoff of this consultancy (纯怡媒体 as step one) our services, produced with network partners, are:

  • Cultural Mediation
  • Language training (English, Finnish, Mandarin)
  • "Welcome to Finland" culture training w/creativity workshop and sauna skills
  • Intercultural communication and interaction skill simulation training for innovation (LUXURY PRODUCT)
  • Networking and partnership building on behalf of UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and sustainable innovation

About Founder & Head Trainer

Päivi Kuusela was born in Taiwan, where she spent a significant amount of her childhood and acquired a love for practicing characters! Due to having been born into the intersection of different language and cultural worlds, she, together with extensive company networks, is able to create stepping stones for others making the transition among them. 

Päivi enjoys connecting people, and sees herself as a cultural mediator above all, being passionate about creating meaningful encounter and connection despite differences. In her cultural trainings, she has specialised in contradiction management - a key interdisciplinary skill of the future, she believes, especially in consideration of the huge sustainability transformation ahead. Having worked as a language and culture trainer since 2006, training Finnish, English and Mandarin Chinese, her focus is on practical interpersonal communication and interaction skill. Clients have included executives at ABB, Nokia, Rovio and US Embassy Helsinki.

She is a founding member of Slush China (localization support in the role of Head of Investor-Startup Relations, Beijing 2015) and has also previously worked at Aalto University School of Business Center for Markets in Transition as a Chinese language research assistant. She holds a degree in International Relations from the University of Helsinki. Complementing a Diploma in Marketing & Management in China from the Helsinki Marketing Institute, in 2015 she acquired certification in Advanced Intercultural Management from the University of Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business. Most recently (2018-2021), company research and development has been conducted in the context of a political science MA degree (Helsinki University), with a focus on elevating company operations to the international relations arena, especially as related to the SDGs 13 (climate action) and SDG 17 (building partnerships for the goals).