Embrace Difference, Embrace Innovation! But first, have a cup of tea


 This company has been in a huge state of transition for some time. We will soon be upgrading our website to better reflect the changes taking place. Yet, change is where our business is at. Helping those who are in the middle of cultural change to manage that change efficiently is at the core of what we do. Many studies show that it is at the intersection of difference, where a high probability for innovation occurs! At the inter-sectionality of fields, of different ways of thinking -- it is here where difference needs to be facilitated in order to nurture innovation. Globally.

Understanding the rise of China requires understanding of Chinese thinking. Chinese thinking embraces paradox. This perspective embraces contradiction, seeing possibilities within it. According to E. Karsaklian, China can be seen to be a country where paradoxes are interdependent and seek mutual harmony. They are in fact, complimentary. According to her, 

“The most important trait of Chinese culture is its capacity to produce development, clarity and organization from volatility, chaos and contradiction…Formal (and linear) logic explicitly refutes the legitimacy of contradictions, dialectic logic takes a perspective that embraces paradox and contradiction through which positive change and growth occur (Palichet al., 2002) … Change is motivated by the internal tension between two opposing forces.” 

In our experience-based training we direct the client in the footsteps of change. Taking a mindset towards difference; analysing and understanding that difference ... furthermore going as far as to embrace the difference, we enter a zone that can be quite uncomfortable. Here, relaxation is key. We learn best, when we are relaxed. We innovate best, when we are relaxed. And so, to our mind, it all begins with a good cup of tea! Deriving simplicity from complexity - this is an art. An art that is best contemplated over a good cup of tea!


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